Rainbow Trout


Years of trading art with friends and colleagues has turned my various houses into a long list of homes. From paintings to toothbrush holders, I favor things made by people, because though the house itself changes frequently, the pieces travel with me and make the houses homes.  

I count on other people to make things with their hands so I can put those things in my house and use them, look at them, love them. I want to contribute by making what I can, and what you see here is what I can make. I'd like my things to fill other's homes and do for them what their things do for me. 

The things for sale in this shop were all made by me, Sam Joseph. 
If you like shopping in real life better, check out these amazing stores who support me:

The Space, Milwaukee http://www.thespaceframeshop.com/

Permanent Baggage, Milwaukee http://www.permanentbaggage.com/

Custom order ideas? Have a question? Email me at   samgitsjoseph@gmail.com